NMCA Champion

2013 NMCA NA 10.5 Indy winner and 2013 NMCA NA 10.5 Champion !!!

Don Bowles started the year with a pretty major back surgery that would keep him from running the first two races of the season. He also was building a new car because of the crash from last year. We were able to debut the new car at Chicago but not without a few gremlins as this was the first time the car would hit the track and we end up losing first rd.

We bring the car home and do some extensive chassis dynoing and change from 2 carbs to one and to a cast manifold. We go to the next race at Bowling green and get the win. Don then travels to Norwalk and has a runner-up. We come home find some more power with the carb tuning on the dyno.

Indy here we come. Qualified terrible really struggled with tire speed but we keep after it. We end up winning the race with the fastest pass of the weekend in the final and with that win Don wins the championship. Something I will never forget. Congrats to Don and at 74 years young he is a bad driving dude!!!

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